I'm obsessed with getting the job done right the first time. I find that saves the most time in the end for everyone involved in a production. Since time is money, what saves time ultimately saves money. Lucky for me,  I get to work with clients who are equally obsessed about high production values, so we are off to the races.     

The Backstory: 

Before becoming a hair and makeup artist, I was a portrait artist, who discovered the magic of makeup by chance after running out of pigments for the cheek. That's when I just grabbed a blush compact in the drawer and used the brush that came with it to buff the peachy powder on to the paper. The results was so realistic that I decided to try it on real people!

The Art of Makeup (is to make it disappear): 

Over the years, I've worked with brands big and small and people from all walks of life.  Working long hours in the studio gave me meticulous eyes.  Later, working on set of national live TV made my hands agile. 

But the most enjoyable parts about my job remain the same. One of them is being entrusted with the privilege to touch the face and hair of a stranger in my chair (imagine walking up to anyone else on the street and do that!). The other is the latitude to pick up where nature left off, and use the transformative power of makeup and hair to tell a story, yet leaving little to no trace of the materials I used on camera. 

I specialize in making makeup disappear on camera,  Here are some examples of how you can spend more time shooting and less time retouching by working with me:

I look forward helping tell your story on camera. 

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